Sunday, September 22, 2013

IBL 1, 24th August 2013, Awadhe Warriors vs Mumbai Masters at Bangalore

After booking the ticket on with lot of struggle, got the tickets by courier. It was great to get the ticket for the first ever IBL. Have been hearing about IBL on and off and finally the day has arrived to see the first match live. This is between Awadhu Warriors and Mumbai Masters.
Main stars I was looking forward to were Sindhu and Srikanth from Awadhe Warriors and of course the legend and world number one, Lee Chong Wei from Mumbai Masters!!! Was eager to see Marc Zweibler, Kido, Tina Baun and Ivanov as well.
Arena was Kanteerava Indoor Stadium. Reached there around 6:30PM. It was late as we were planning to reach early. Charge for 4 wheeler parking was Rs.50/. There was a stage set for some kind of show but on this day they did not have permission hence no one performed on the stage that day. Stadium is there in the background. Unfortunately I did not have my camera so had to be content with my mobile.



My friend and myself walked over to Gate.No 3. It was open at that time (around 6:30PM) and we entered the stadium. Found a seat in second row in the lower tier. And, behold, there was Mr. Lee Chong Wei sitting few meters away in the players arena!!! It was great sight. The world number one right in front of your eyes!!! Bad that I did not have my camera with me! :( Here are few pictures of Lee Chong Wei immediately after I entered the stadium. Apologies for the picture quality. I have better ones which I took on the semi-final day, will be posting those shortly.

LCW checking something on his mobile:

LCW checking his racket:

Marc Zweibler walking across:

LCW testing speed of the shuttle:

Team get together before the start of the match:

Following were the matches scheduled for the day (Mumbai Masters vs Awadhe Warriors):
MS - Vladmir Ivanov vs RM V Guru Sai Dutt
WS - Tine Baun vs P V Sindhu
MD - B Sumeet Reddy and Manu Attri vs Markis Kido and Mathias Boe

MS - Lee Chong Wei vs K Srikanth
MX - Vladimir Ivanov and N. Sikki Reddy vs Markis Kido and Pia Z Bernadet

In the end, Awadhe Warriors won 3-2 over Mumbai Masters. Results are shown below:

Matches won by Awadhe Warriors:
P V Sindhu beat Tine Baun: 21-12 19-21 11-8
Markis Kido and Mathias Boe beat B Sumeet Reddy and Manu Attri: 21-16 21-14

Markis Kido and Pia Z Bernadet beat Vladimir Ivanov and N. Sikki Reddy: 21-19, 21-15

Matches won by Mumbai Masters:
Lee Chong Wei beat K Srikanth: 21-15 20-21 11-5
Vladmir Ivanov  beat RM V Guru Sai Dutt: 21-18 20-21 11-8



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