Sunday, May 25, 2014

Review of Powerizer LT-6 from Victor

I was searching on how to increase the head weight of a racket and came across this product and came to know about this LT-6 Powerizer product from Victor site. These are basically lead weights in thin strips suitable for a badminton racket.

It was not available in any stores in Bangalore, India. A bit of search took me to STAG India site who is the distributor for Victor products in India. I got in touch with a person at STAG and was able to get a packet of LT-6 Powerizer from them. Folks at STAG were helpful during my purchase. Price of a packet was around Rs.400/-. I bought it in second half of 2013.

Each packet contains 6 pieces of lead weight stickers:

Back cover has instructions/suggestions on how to use it:

Each Powerizer sticker weighs at 0.18 gram:

Initially I applied the sticker at 12 O' Clock position on either side of the racket and was able to get a slightly better feel in the swing of the racket. I did not feel any drag on swings when I was using the racket while playing. Unfortunately I stuck the Powerizers in reverse way :D than the way it is mentioned at this link but this should not matter in terms of the impact that these stickers have:


Then I added the stickers at 2 O' Clock and 10 O' Clock position. This is when I felt a good addition to the power I get with this sticker. There was no negative drag on the
racket that was preventing me from playing my usual game. Please see image below:

Later I added weights at 3 O' Clock and 9 O' Clock position. This is when I felt the drag of the racket impacting my game. I do not have a strong arm so that could be the reason why it impacted my game.

Based on my experimentation I feel that just having it at 2 O' Clock and 10 O' clock would be best to increase the power. It is best to have the stickers on either sides of the racket. For example, if you are pasting the sticker at 3 and 9 O' Clock position, please stick it on both sides of the racket at 3 and 9 O' clock position.

Link at Victor site to this product:

Note: I have seen this product available on ebay, but they do not ship to India.