Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weight of badminton racket grips

A short article on the weight that gets added to badminton rackets when grips are applied on the racket. I have tried the regular comfy thick grip and thin overlay grips.

Weight of the thick grip with the plastic protection cover and sticker paper is around 15

Before putting this grip onto Yonex Voltric 80 racket handle, I cut and removed a short
length of the grip so that the grip does not go beyond the handle. Weight of this piece was at
3 grams:

The weight of paper and plastic cover was coming to 2 grams:

So, that makes the total grip weight to 15grams - 3 grams - 2 grams = 10 grams.

With the grip added, Voltric 80 was weighing at 99 grams:

There was an existing grip on the racket which I removed. Removed grip along with its tape (black tape used towards the top of the handle) was weighing at 12 grams:

Weight of thin overlay grip was at 7 grams (without the plastic coating removed). Plastic coating
might be hardly a gram, so the weight of thin overlap grip can be assumed at 7 grams:

I don't use cloth grip, so I do not have information on that, sorry.

Next, I will try to get the grams that get added when gutting is done for a racket as part of my next blog.