Sunday, October 5, 2014

Review of Badminton shoes Yonex SHB 01 Limited Power Cushion (SHB 01LTD)

Since my black SHB 85 LTD got worn out, I wanted to buy yellow color SHB 92 MX, but it was not available anywhere in India.

After a lot of searching, I ended with SBH 01LTD yellow colour. My regular shoe size is UK size 8 (same as Bata size) and since this has power cushion I had to go for UK size 9. This model is also known as SHB Y01LTD.

This shoe is a bit heavy weighing at around 350 grams each. Exact weighing scale readings are as following:
Weight of the right shoe - 352 grams
Weight of the left shoe - 356 grams

Fitting is really tight and nice. This shoe has a Quattro fit which is a actually a more tapered fit towards the front than the Ergo fit.

This shoe has 3 layer power cushion. Overall this shoe appears a bit rigid for me, maybe since my footwork is not that great. It feels heavy. I also saw the SHB F1 Neo Ltd. This is more light weight and I feel that I should have gone for that shoes.

The insole towards the front have ribs on it, maybe for grip, initially I found it irritating but later got used to it. Since the Quattro fit is good, I feel I can do without that.

Out sole is as usual and has hexagonal grips as with other Yonex badminton shoes:

Towards the heel, there are extra reinforcements to ensure that there is no ankle twist. The sales guy also told that in addition to three layer Power Cushion, this shoe also has silicon gel, which prompted me to take this.

Overall, it is a nice shoe, once you get used to Quattro fit, it is difficult to switch back to Ergofit. I am very happy with the purchase of SHB 01 LTD. Comfort level is actually better than my earlier SHB 85 LTD.


  1. Could you give a little more insight into the difference between ergo fit and Quattro fit? I have wide feet. Would ergo fit be a better option for me?

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