Sunday, December 15, 2013

Yonex SHB-85 LTD - my new shoes

SHB-85 LTD is the shoe that I am using currently. I bought this after my earlier shoe (SHB-SC5EX) started getting cracks on the side around the side of front toe area.


Initially I felt that sole was thinner since I was using SHB-SC5EX which had thicker cushioning. Since SC5EX got a hole on the left shoe near to the right toe, I put two layers of white medical plaster around that area on the new shoes as soon as I bought it. The wear and tear leading to a hole in the show near to the right toe side on the left shoe happens due to the fact that the left foot is dragged along when lunging on the right foot.
After using it for a month, it had expanded bit and it feels roomy, sometimes a bit too roomy and I have to tighten the lace a bit too much. No cracks on the side or on the sole anywhere. I play almost 3 to 6 days a week, both singles as well as doubles and this shoe feels comfortable. I bought it in May 2013 and it is around 7 months as of now.
I feel pain sometimes under my heel when I play with this shoe on, but this happens only when I play for 3 to 4 hours continuously, so not sure if this is related to the shoe.
I paid around Indian Rs.4200 for the shoe and feels it is worth the money. I wanted to buy the maroon one of the same model but was not able to get it. Now I feel that black looks better as it goes with any color of tshirt and shorts. Also this is the color that was used by Taufik Hidayat :)